Welcome to IAIR

What is IAIR?

IAIR is the Illinois Association for Institutional Research. It is composed of Institutional Researcher at colleges and universities in Illinois. It is a regional affiliate of the Association for Institutional Research (AIR).

What is Institutional Research?

Institutional research is the function of gathering and analyzing data about student enrollment, their performance, and their success. Institutional research also includes gathering and analyzing data about faculty and staff, financial analysis, comparisons with other institutions, and demographic analysis.

What are IAIR’s goals?

  • Promote institutional research in post-secondary education as a professional activity

  • Disseminate information about the methods and content of institutional research

  • Provide a forum in which institutional researchers can discuss and seek assistance in their common problems and share research findings

  • Promote professional development of IAIR members

Who may join?

Membership is open to individuals who are engaged in research leading to the improved understanding, planning, and operation of postsecondary education and to individuals who are interested in the methodology and results of institutional research. 

What are the benefits of membership?

There are several benefits to joining IAIR. Each year, the Association holds an annual forum to share ideas, research methodologies and explore new technologies. Nationally recognized keynote speakers are invited to provide a national perspective on current issues. The conference also provides great opportunities for professional development and networking.

How do we communicate?

There are several methods of communication. There is an IAIR listserv, which is used to disseminate information and discussion. Click here for more information about the listserv, including how to join. IAIR publishes a quarterly newsletter, which is emailed to members and posted on the website. IAIR also has a Facebook page

How do I join?

To join IAIR or renew your membership, contact Ting Lu, IAIR’s Membership Committee Chair.

Are there other groups for IR professionals in Illinois?

Yes! There are three IAIR affiliate groups: the Chicago Area Associate for Institutional Researchers (CAAIR), the Northern Illinois Community College Research Group, and the Central/Southern Illinois Community College Research Group. Click here to learn more about these groups and how to join.